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With over 150 machine types, we offer the most comprehensive and widest product range in the potato, beet and vegetable sectors. In the vegetable sector, both GRIMME and its subsidiary, ASA-LIFT, build a variety of innovative machines for harvesting onions, red beet, carrots, leeks, chives, celery, fennel, peas, lettuce etc.


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  • Behind the scenes:

    How Grimme went from a small family forge to dominating the root crop equipment industry

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    Franz Grimme celebrates his 75th birthday on 3 March

    Franz Grimme, honorary citizen of Damme (Germany) and owner of the GRIMME Group, turns 75 on 3 March this year.

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  • The GRIMME Group

    GRIMME takes over ASA-LIFT completely

    The family business GRIMME from Damme (Germany) has completely taken over the Danish specialist for vegetable technology ASA-LIFT.

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  • GRIMME UK & Ireland partnership with Haith Group

    Gives customers the option to buy complete handling solutions from either firm

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